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Boost your team dynamics in the heart of the Ardennes...

Boost your team dynamics in the heart of the Ardennes...Woody-wood combines for you, Team Building activities and strategic meetings in a setting that will recharge your batteries.


Woody-wood proposes to federate your teams and to recenter them on your objectives by providing them with a stay far from the stress and from their office habits.  AZ change of environment to open up the field of possibilities, think differently and tackle the strategy in a different way. A change of ambiance to tighten the links within your team and activities orientated towards “personality modes” and team building to better know one another and facilitate the interactions between the various members of the team.


In short, a cocktail of activities, experiences and emotions to boost the team spirit and favor the collaboration and the synergies within your company. In the location of your choice, we prepare the day that will meet your needs and budget.




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